National Forest officials last week finished an environmental analysis on a collaborative fuels management project in the Knopki Creek area.

The Knopki South Project includes reducing fuel load along roads, restoring white oak stand and beargrass, important to local indigenous peoples, on 875 acres of land previously logged in the Smith River National Recreation Area, according to a Six Rivers National Forest press release. Six Rivers National Forest Supervisor Ted McArthur signed a decision memo Wednesday, noting that the project promotes forest resilience and makes the community safer from wildfires.

The project will also provide employment, including commercial timber, fuelwood products and public firewood cutting opportunities, according to the press release.

The South Knopki Project is a joint venture with the Smith River Collaborative, which consists of the Elk Valley Rancheria, the Tolowa Dee-ni' Nation, county elected officials, the Del Norte Fire Safe Council, the American Forest Resource Council, local and regional environmental groups such as Friends of Del Norte and EPIC, and the Six Rivers National Forest.

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