The Tolowa Dee-ni' Nation received a $500,000 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency grant to clean up lead and asbestos at the former Ship Ashore Resort in Smith River.

The tribe purchased Ship Ashore Resort in 2016 and renamed it Howonquet Village and Resort. After conducting environmental assessments and feasibility studies, it identified several sites needing cleanup at the resort's South RV Park. Grant dollars will be used to clean up soil and buildings contaminated with metals and asbestos-containing materials, according to a tribal press release.

The grant comes from the EPA Brownfields Cleanup program.

Howonquet Village lies on the Smith River estuary, a stronghold for chinook salmon, steelhead and endangered coho salmon. The land also provides elk habitat and recreational and cultural lifeway opportunities for Tolowa Dee-ni' Nation citizens, Del Norte County residents and visitors.