Bayside RV Park tenants will likely begin paying rent to the Crescent City Harbor District soon.

RV park owners Joe Frasier and Bruce Dwelly have tentatively agreed to terminate their lease with the Harbor District, Harbormaster Charlie Helms said Thursday. If everything goes according to schedule, the harbor will take over Bayside RV beginning July 1, Helms said. But park operation, including the rent tenants pay and the people who work there, isn't expected to change.

Helms said the tenant who lives above the RV park office will also be able to stay.

"Part of the agreement, which like I said isn't totally signed yet, is that we keep the managers," Helms said. "The lessee is very happy with the management and wanted to see them not get displaced so part of the agreement is to not displace them."

According to Helms, once the agreement is signed, starting in August, the Crescent City Harbor District will make monthly payments to Frasier and Dwelly as compensation for them agreeing to terminate their lease, which was set to expire in October 2024. Those payments will total $600,000 and will be made in 72 monthly installments, according to Helms.

The lease agreement between the Harbor District and the Bayside RV Park owners is complicated, Helms said, and consists of varying percentages of revenue from the laundry room and vending machines. He estimates the harbor district receives between $27,000 and $30,000 a year in lease payments from Bayside RV.

Once the agreement is finalized, Bayside RV Park will be the second RV park the Crescent City Harbor District operates. About two years ago the harbor district took over neighboring Harbor RV Anchorage, renaming it Redwood Harbor Village.

The harbor district spent "quite a bit of money" to get Redwood Harbor RV Park "up to snuff," Helms said. Last month, the park generated $13,000, he said.

"Our goal is to keep the harbor in the black all the time," Helms said. "Seeing what we've been able to net off the operations of Redwood Harbor Village, it was a prudent financial decision to take over operation of Bayside and keep it going. What we're going to earn will be at least double what we get now."

Bayside RV Park is well maintained, Helms said. The harbor district plans to "keep it as it is," he said.