Del Norte Triplicate

The Fourth of July fireworks show lit up the sky over Crescent City, blasting off $30,000 worth of pyrotechnics to mark Independence Day.

South Beach and Beachfront Park were packed and campfires dotted the entire shoreline. In the hours leading up to the big show, spectators were entertained by countless amateur enthusiasts and citizens who brought a range of fireworks to the beach. The sideshow continued throughout the professional performance and well into the night.

“The fireworks are shot over Battery Point Lighthouse, and on a clear night when the stars align with the fog at the right level and no rain, we have one of the most spectacular fireworks show around,” Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Sarah Caron told the Triplicate. “I actually had a visitor call us and tell us that they specifically come to our area because we have a better fireworks show than Disneyland.”

Pyro Spectaculars returned to Crescent City to produce the show. The Rialto-based company has been part of the local Fourth of July celebration since 2008.

“We do everything that you can do with fireworks, and we do other kinds of performance mediums like cryogenics, flame, and other kinds of proximate theatrical pyrotechnics,” Producer and Creative Director Matt Gilfillan told the Triplicate. “But really, the Fourth of July is our bread and butter; we do about 400 displays per year across the country on the Fourth of July."

Despite the sheer volume of fireworks shows Pyro Spectaculars does, Gilfillan said Crescent City really stands out, providing one of the biggest stages — a natural canvas running thousands of feet along the beach.

“You get to set up really straight on with the audience. There is very little limitation in the kind of products that we can use because there is so much space, and the way that the site is created is perfect for this kind of performance,” Gilfillan said.

Caron said while residents and visitors are dazzled by the light show, she sees a visual representation of community support, bombs bursting in air thanks to $10,000 from the City of Crescent City, $10,000 from Lucky 7 Casino, and $10,000 from the Crescent City Chamber of Commerce. This year, Pyro Spectaculars added punch to the performance by unveiling a few new products to expand the variety and quality for the audience.

As in years past, Bicoastal Media worked with Pyro Spectaculars to create a music playlist that went along with the show. The soundtrack was synchronized with the fireworks on KCRE 94.3 FM, KPOD 97.9 FM, KPOS AM 1240 and 106.7 FM.