Tony Reed
Del Norte Triplicate

While Del Norte County was mostly spared from the storm that caused floods, slides and damage from the South Bay to Humboldt County, one landslide along Klamath Beach Road left 26 people and seven kids trapped for four days.

Kamp Klamath owner Aaron Funk said the slide took out his electricity Sunday night. River waters reached into his campground but receded soon afterward.

He explained the slide took out power lines and also brought down a large redwood stump that blocked the roadway. Farther uphill, some larger trees were still leaning precariously over the slide area as of Thursday, he said.

Funk was told that the power would not be restored until Jan. 14, but county crews showed up Thursday to clear the lines and work on the slide.

The campground has working generators, adequate fuel, food and supplies, but was without power and landline phone service. Office of Emergency Services Manager Cindy Henderson said Wednesday campers were “holding their own” and not really distressed that they had no phone service or electricity.

The slide was cleared and power restored by about 5 p.m. Thursday. Del Norte County Roads Division Foreman Richard Mello said clearing the slide area only took a couple hours once certain hazards were cleared. Due to the instability of the hillside during the rain, county road crews had to wait for clear weather to begin moving dirt and debris from the slide. Pacific Power also had to repair a pole and lines that were taken out.

A crew from nearby Alder Conservation Camp also assisted.

Funk said he had been in contact with District 5 Supervisor Bob Berkowitz, County Administrative Officer Jay Sarina, and Henderson, who had been working to expedite the response.

“I appreciate that a lot,” he said. “It’s nice to communicate with someone on the other side and know that they are working on your behalf.”