Tony Reed
Del Norte Triplicate

A visitor to Crescent City says he will certainly be returning after being profoundly affected by an effort of kindness by two local residents.

Joe Anderson of Santa Rosa was here on vacation this week and had been eating at the Grotto Restaurant. He said that when he’d returned to his hotel room that day, he was unaware that he had left a camera kit, worth thousands of dollars in the restaurant.

Unbeknownst to Anderson, the camera had been located by two Grotto employees, Joe Reuss and Mikala Barnes. They found the camera and were working to return it to him. While they could have simply put it in a lost and found box or called the police to deal with it, the two took responsibility for the camera and got to work.

“They basically called every hotel in Crescent City to find me,” Anderson said. “Then, they brought it up to my room. I tried to give them money, but they wouldn’t take it.”

Anderson said he was awestruck by their efforts.

“I was beyond tears,” he said.

Barnes said she and Reuss got Anderson’s name from the credit card receipt and started calling hotels.

“After about the 11th one, we found him,” she said.

To Anderson, the camera has much more value than it’s price and he wanted to recognize the two for their generous efforts.