Tony Reed
Del Norte Triplicate

With Julindra’s buyback center set to close today, many may be wondering what will happen from here.

Recology General Manager Jeremy Herber said his office has fielded many calls from concerned citizens who had heard the recycling program in the county will cease and blue recycle bins might be removed.

“That is not the case,” he said Friday. “Curbside recycling is Recology’s program and nothing will change after (Sept. 23). The only thing that will change is the CRV buyback program at Julindra’s.”

Herber called the buyback program “on hold.”

“Del Norte County cannot function without a buyback center of some sort,” Herber explained, “but people need to know it’s being worked on.”

Asked if retailers will need to set up buyback facilities, Herber said either a new center will need to open or stores which meet state criteria will have to initiate some sort of buyback operation.

Heber felt the transition may take a month or so and suggested those with a surplus of cans and bottles simply hold off on returning them for a while.

“In the meantime, our operations will remain unchanged,” Heber said.

Bottles, cans and other recyclables can be taken to community drop off locations at the Del Norte Transfer Station and the transfer stations in Klamath and Gasquet, according to a recent release from Del Norte Solid Waste Management Authority. Community recycling bins are located at Ship Ashore Resort, the Fort Dick Fire Station and Smith River post office. There are also 60 trash and recycling receptacles scattered throughout the Crescent City area.

The following items can be recycled: Plastic tubs, jugs, jars and bottles, tin, aluminum, pie tins, foil, glass bottles and jars, newspaper, cereal boxes, bagged paper, paper egg cartons, cardboard, paperboard, bagged shredded paper and bagged open junk mail.

DNSWMA Director Tedd Ward was not available for comment.

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