After taking home a bronze medal from the Denver International Beer Competition earlier this month, Port O’ Pints owner Rick White says two of his brews received a silver and a gold medal from the California State Fair.

White said his My Honey’s Brown Ale received a gold medal in the London Brown Ale category while his Dean O’Dell’s Irish Red Ale took home a silver medal in the Irish Red Ale category. White entered six brews at the California State Fair. He said he will visit the fair to receive his medals on July 12.

White said Port O’ Pints is among Eel River Brewing Co. and Lost Coast Brewery, both of which received medals.

“It feels good to finally have my own recipes winning,” White said. “I won medals at Great Basin (Brewery), but they weren’t my recipes.”

White, whose brews vary depending on the season and who tries to give people a taste of history through his beer, said his My Honey’s Brown Ale is based on a traditional London Brown Ale. It’s a dark amber color with toffy, nutty light chocolate notes and gentle-to-moderate sweetness, he said.

Meanwhile Irish Red Ales have a malty taste and are very low in hops, White told the Triplicate in a June 12 article. White said he followed Beer Judge Certification Program guidelines to get the appearance, aroma, mouthfeel and alcohol percentage right.

White named his Irish red ale after Dean, who was his father-in-law and a good friend. O’Dell is his mother’s maiden name and is named for his grandfather. Dean O’Dell’s Irish Red Ale took home the bronze medal in the Denver International Beer Competition’s Irish Red Ale category earlier this month.

In the 2 1/2 years since Port O’ Pints opened, White said he has created 44 new beers and ales. His latest will be a hazy Belgian IPA that uses aged hops. White said he also creates new recipes based on what happens to be popular. Currently that’s malty beers and cream ales, he said.

In addition to his Irish red ale and My Honey’s Brown Ale, White entered Del Norter Porter into the California State Fair. He also entered Taste of Del Norte local stout, which includes Java Hut coffee and lactose from Rumiano Cheese; the American amber lager My Friend Al; and Agate Ale.

Since Port O’ Pints opened, White said he’s starting to see a lot of people, particularly tourists, seek out local breweries.

“My passion is beer, creating beer and introducing people to historical styles to broaden people’s knowledge of what’s out there,” he said. “I feel good about how things have evolved.”