Tony Reed
Del Norte Triplicate

With the new airport apron poured and the new building sealed up, airport officials say the new terminal at Crescent City Airport should be ready and running by late January.

Program Manager Susan Daugherty, who has been involved with the project since it began, gave a tour of the terminal Monday morning.

Inside the building, Daugherty showed where various services, such as TSA, baggage claim, tickets, restrooms, elevator and waiting areas will be located.

With a view of Castle Rock plainly in the distance, Daugherty said the upstairs waiting area at the top of the stairs will also offer a clear view of incoming flights.

Between the building and Castle rock, a large quonset structure has been removed and will be replaced by free long and short term parking. Restrooms have been tiled and the framework of the walls is in place.

Daugherty showed a separate area, out of public view, where TSA may take people for inspection, should they set off the metal detector or require extra examination.

Construction Manager David Bose, of Vanir Construction, of Sacramento, said the building will be heated with propane when needed, and that some energy savings have been designed in.

“It’s fairly LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) compliant, we’re just not asking for the certification,” Bose said.

Bose and Daugherty noted the summer’s clear weather has benefitted the project.

“We were a bit worried that we wouldn’t have this sealed up before the rains came, but right now we are really close,” Bose said. “As soon as we get the stucco in, it will be watertight, so we’re pretty excited about that.”

Passengers will board from the northwest corner of the building and walk across the apron to the awaiting Contour jet. Bose noted an overhang on the building will offer some shelter from rain in winter months.

Daugherty predicted construction will be complete and staff can move in by late January. The former terminal building and parking are will be rented out, she said.

“When you’re building a terminal, it’s important that you are building for 20 to 30 years, but in our area, and if you look at how old that terminal is, we need to be building for 40-plus years,” she said. “So we have this big open area and if we need to make changes later, we can.”

Daugherty and Bose said they have been very happy with Danco Building subcontractors and their work.

Daugherty said advertising now in the Oakland Airport lets people know they can fly Contour to Crescent City. However, it does not look like Contour will yet be flying to Portland or Seattle anytime soon.

“It’s probably going to be Oakland, long term” she said, noting that the airport’s Alternate Essential Air Service contract subsidizes

However, she predicted the good peak season the airport saw in 2018 may mean some changes next summer.

“I am hoping that they will be putting on two or three flights to Oakland per week,” she said, noting that last month, 85 percent of seats were filled.

Contour is now offering connecting flights to Santa Barbara and Las Vegas.

“You can stay on the same aircraft, but there are a couple stops along the way,” she said. “One stop to Santa Barbara, two to Vegas.”

Daugherty said she is excited to be so close to completion and a grand opening of the new terminal is expected to take place then.