Siskiyou County Sheriff Jon Lopey said Wednesday investigators are still trying to determine the cause and manner of death for a Crescent City hunter whose body was found.

Jason Cantrall, 46, was found deceased on a hillside in rugged terrain in Siskiyou County about 39 miles northwest of Yreka. He was reported missing by his girlfriend, who had just been located after he reported her missing, according to Lopey.

“It’s an unusual case,” Lopey said, “and we dedicated a ton of resources to the search.”

Cantrall’s truck was located a short time after he was reported missing and a five-day search ensued.

Lopey said nothing at the scene near the truck or near where Cantrall’s body was located indicate any sign of foul play, assault or criminal behavior on the part of Cantrall or his girlfriend.

“We did an autopsy today,” Lopey said. “While hypothermia appears to be the cause of death, we will have to wait for a toxicology report to come back before we can determine the exact cause and manner.”

Lopey said it appeared Cantrall may have wandered away from his truck and gotten lost or disoriented.

“The weather and terrain up here are very unforgiving,” Lopey said. “It’s very rugged and the weather fluctuates a lot. The temps drop down to near freezing at times. A lot of people have a tendency to panic. Then the cold temperatures set in and hypothermia becomes a real threat.”

Lopey said the toxicology report will take three to four weeks to return from the lab.