Tony Reed
Del Norte Triplicate

Crescent City Mayor Blake Inscore says he is willing to represent the views of the people on the north coast if chosen for a seat on the California Coastal Commission North Coast Region board.

By phone from Medford on Wednesday, Inscore said the open seat wasn’t something he actively sought out, but was recommended to him by colleagues. The seat was previously occupied by Ryan Sundberg, former Humboldt County supervisor.

“They asked if I was willing,” he said. “I tend to say yes when there’s a need.”

Inscore went through the online application process to be considered for the seat.

“It wasn’t so much from a desire to be in another position,” he said, “as much as wanting to do my best to represent our needs on the North Coast.”

Inscore said when it comes to coastal policy, one size doesn’t fit all, and the North Coast certainly has different regulatory needs than the central and south coasts.

At its regular meeting Tuesday, the Crescent City Council voted to support Inscore with a letter to the state capital.

“The City of Crescent City is a coastal community dominated by working families of diverse backgrounds. He (Inscore) has a long history of working for local community organizations that recognize the influence of environment on the health and wellbeing of such communities,” the letter read, in part. “We know that the Coastal Commission is a demanding and sometimes contentious place; we are confident that Mayor Inscore would serve as ably there as he does on our local City Council.”

Information about how Coastal Commissioners are appointed can be found at