Although there are no construction personnel working on the veterans monument at Front Street and U.S. 101, it’s not yet finished and more fundraising needs to happen, according to organizers.

To kick off that fundraising, Coast Central Credit Union is giving $2,500 toward completion. A credit union spokesman said it’s hoped the donation will spur others to help.

According to Kelly Schellong, monument committee fundraising chairperson, six new benches should arrive at the monument site in mid-May. Signs will be placed at the site, along with a donor wall and a monument to those who died in active duty.

Schellong said the group is working with Home Depot, Rotary Club and the Del Norte Master Gardener’s Club on creating and implementing a landscaping plan. Along the entry walk are engraved bricks featuring names and service branches.

“We currently have approximately 175 bricks placed,” she said. “Another 95 are here and awaiting a coordinated time to be placed and another order is pending.”

To order a brick for a veteran or to support the project, call 707-218-5060 or contact Schellong through social media.

Once done, the monument will become city property.

“The City of Crescent City will be assuming ownership of the monument upon completion and will maintain it into the future,”Schellong said. “Our committee is required to provide the city with $20,000 for maintenance. Which could cover things like vandalism, cleaning, mowing, new flowers, and flags. Flags have to be replaced at least twice a year due to our marine/weather environment.”

Schellong said the community has been extraordinary when it comes to support and the committee is excited to be nearing completion of the monument honoring veterans.

Note: the print edition of the story incorrectly states the donation was in the amount of $25,000.