Paul Hodgate (left) and Randy Scoles take turns belting the greatest hits of Bob Seger and Creedence Clearwater Revival as part of their tribute band CCSeger. They’re appearing at the Lucky 7 Casino on Sept. 27. Photo courtesy

Paul Holdgate doesn’t like shoe-gazers. Nor does he particularly care for fret-gazers.

Both are types of performers who never make eye contact with an audience, said Holdgate, and will kill any chance of fans having a great experience listening to some old-time rock and roll.

“That’s one of the things we’re about, entertaining,” he said. “Getting in there, grabbling a hold and not letting go.”

Holdgate was talking by phone while driving down Interstate 5 toward Los Angeles. His group is CCSeger, a band paying tribute both to Creedence Clearwater Revival, headed by John Fogerty, and Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band.

CCSegar will be performing at 7 p.m. Sept. 27 at the Lucky 7 Casino’s Tolowa Event Center in Smith River.

Holdgate said CCSeger consists of members of the Bob Seger tribute band Night Moves and Creedence Classic Revival.

“We integrate two great singers from the ‘70s into one great show,” said Holdgate. “Instead of a set-up change between bands, we just change out singers.

“I’ll sing three Seger songs and Randy Scoles will do three CCR songs, then three more, then three more, and so on.”

Holdgate has been belting out Seger’s hits with Night Moves for the past three years, yet he’s not above giving credit where it’s due: “Randy is probably the best singer in northern California. He just nails it.”

CCSegar band members have a rich pedigree in the classic-rock industry. Scoles, along with drummer Steve Brown and bass player Larry Hart, once played alongside Ronnie Montrose, founder of Montrose — America’s answer to Led Zepplen, when Sammy Hagar belted out such hits as “Rock the Nation” and “Bad Motor Scooter.”

Rounding out his squad of “A-listers,” Holdgate recruited John Dengate on keyboard and country/rock guitarist Harvey.

CCSeger in fact is making its second trip to this region, having performed at Brookings’ Concerts in the Park on June 2.

Their 90-minute show crams in an impressive 40-song playlist, from Seger’s “Old Time Rock n Roll” and “Against the Wind,” to CCR’s “Proud Mary” and “Traveling Band.”

Holdgate said that with more than four decades on the classic-rock scene, the music of Seger and Fogerty each have a distinguished sound in real life that makes for the perfect marriage for one tribute band on any stage.

He added with both of those iconic musicians winding down their own live-touring careers, their fans retain an insatiable appetite for anyone to play their songs. As long as they play them well.

“There are a lot of tribute bands out there,” said Holdgate. “People know it when you’re good. If you bring it, the word gets out.”

He said he loves the energy that crowds bring to the Indian casino tours, no matter their size. While CCSegar averages 500 to 600 fans a performance, they’ve played venues that top 1,000, such as at the Jackson Rancheria Casino Resort in Jackson, California.

With plenty of years each in the music industry, Holdgate said, what keeps the music from getting stale for his bandmates is their camaraderie. “We have a special bond, a core nucleus to the band. We’re just energized by each other. We even go on vacations together.

“Whether we’re on or off the stage, the crowd can feel that brotherhood.

“Come out early and you’re guaranteed to have a great time. And stay afterwards and get some photos with the band,” he said.

Tickets to CCSegar are $25, which includes $10 in free-play tokens, and are available online at or at the casino’s Players Club. Lucky 7 is at 350 North Indian Rd. in Smith River.


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