Pat was born 59 years ago at Seaside Hospital and was a life long resident of Del Norte County. He was the youngest of five children, in a home that forced him to grow up too fast. Fortunately, he always had the love and support of his sisters, Lucretia Wilson (Crescent City), Cheryl Kelly (Brookings) and Barbara Wheeldon (Hayward). Like his parents and many extended family members Pat’s brother passed away before he did.

Pat attended Redwood School in Fort Dick. That is where, in kindergarten, he met his future wife and mother of his children. Pat became a father in the summer of 1977 to his son, Eugene Wheeldon (San Diego) and again in the winter of 1982 to his Daughter, Jamie Wheeldon (Crescent City). So even before they were married Pat was made an important member of his wife’s family. Pat was in-law and friend to Dean Larsen (Carson City, Nevada) Mike Kelly (Paso Robles) Peggy Mitchell, Joe Wilson, Leonard Carter, Russell Carter, Kelly Coulson and Danielle Wheeler (Crescent City) Peggy O’Niell (Phoenix, Oregon) and Jim Bumgarner (Paso Robles).

Pat’s biggest role model was his Grandpa (in-law) Bill Mitchell, who taught him many things he was proud of, including how to smoke the best fish around. Pat’s many nieces and nephews shared lots of fun and exciting times with him in their younger years. These include learning to do “rooster tails” on the beach in his old Land Cruiser, listening to stories about Bigfoot, jetty driving and how he was close to catching a state record Steelhead (less than a pound off) and of course catching fish! Joey Wilson, Jennie Coulson, Gabriel Carter, Travis Coulson, Amber Moore, Ashlynn and Tricia Carter (Crescent City) Francis Simmons (Oakland) Debbie Howland, Scott Bumgarner, Cathy Kelly, Cory Kelly and Joey Hanawalt (Paso Robles) Ryan Carter and Michael O’Niell (Phoenix, Oregon) AND ALL THEIR FAMILIES make up Pat’s nieces and nephews.

Due to getting mixed up with hard drugs and some serious health issues that come with it, Pat’s personality took a dramatic change. He retreated from his family and became a totally different person. About seven years ago, after a series of hospitalizations, Pat re-married to his caretaker. Through information from his step-daughter (who is very appreciated) Pat’s family was happy to hear he was living as a fun Grandpa.

Pat’s family have missed him for over 20 years and will continue to miss him now that he has passed on. Love for the man they knew never changed. Many of his family members look forward to meeting up with the true him in the next stage of life where things of the past won’t get in the way.

— Submitted by family