11.26.2018 Linda was born Linda Lee Libner in Bremerton Washington

on February 19, 1948. She ran in the woods as a child. Grand!

Linda Lu Lee. Simple. No urge of men, greed. Pure. Quiet. Grand!

So shall it be again. Certain.

She is my Wife for 34 years and it is Grand beyond words.

She is the respecter of GOD - Christ - Life - Humans and Creatures.


Her Father immigrated to America from Denmark.

Her Peace was to me like a River. Mine now shall be a river of tears that shall not come to the sea... until that Grand Day awaiting Us all.

Peace. Then it shall certainly be. Her with me. Again.

She does rest now. She is a lovely Human Person.

I got to have her for 34 years. I shall have her again.

This is certain. On this Planet. Earth. Home Forever.

John 17:3, Psalms 37:29

Peace to all. Carry on as men. Be kind. Always. Please.

Linda Lee McCafferty. As pure a Human did I ever know.

Robert Stephen McCafferty - with a boost!

Her name is Linda Lu Lee - JEHOVAH gave her to me

My soul of mating on Our first gaze that We did see

Linda Lu Lee - Just for me.

I found Her right there on that Ground I used to be

Linda Lu, Linda Lee, just for me.

When meet again Her gaze I do - Grand New!

Upon this Earth all Fresh and New!

It shall be with Joy unbound by hardship and gloom

Then shall all be good and clean

As Earth WE all do mend as men

Until that Day as Glorious be

As our Jehovah’s Love Remains

WE carry on and speak of Love

As dedicated Humans to our GOD

Whom does alone by Christ bring Peace

with righteous Rule where contention will cease.

YAY for GOD and Christ!

Yay for Humans!

Yay for Creatures. LIFE.

Then again shall she soon be!

As breath comes into her soul again

All those Grand experiences we did see -

Shall certainly be - the Life We live in Harmony - For Just Ever

I wrote this, she lay dying. I am very very sad. My HOPE outdoes this. Linda Lee McCafferty Feb. 19, 1948 / November 22, 2018, 5:36 a.m.

— Submitted by Robert S. McCafferty