Like many Triplicate readers, I was waiting for “the other side” in Part 2 of Tony Reed’s article on the Oxford House Program. It was disappointing that all the pertinent facts for readers were not provided.

Due to a Federal Fair Housing loophole, a single family house can be converted to an Oxford House high-density apartment without planning commission involvement, or a public hearing to inform residents. The Sequoia House could have a many as 15-20 occupants in a four bedroom home, counting the 10 women, children, and visitors. This could happen anywhere in the county, in any type of neighborhood. I believe residents have a right to know about significant changes in their neighborhoods, regardless of program.

While Reed’s article touted the nationwide virtues of this program, California, the most populous state in the nation, has only six Oxford Homes. Crescent City has two of the six.

While Reed states the program is self-sustaining, the board of supervisors will be considering approval of a $40,000 contract funded with taxpayer money later this month.

I sincerely wish the program members well in their recovery efforts.

Jake Smith

Smith River