Robin Fornoff
Del Norte Triplicate

Gopher Wars — It’s with mixed emotions I report that Buddy, the dumbest dog in America, recently scored his first gopher kill.

Not only did he kill the brazen critter but decided to eat it right then and there, much to my wife’s horror. She was trying to relax on the back deck. I heard my name screamed, ran to the back of our Smith River home to be told “All I could see was the back legs and a tail hanging from his mouth.

“I think I’m going to be sick,” she said as Buddy gulped his last bite.

“Good dog,” I shouted.

“If he gets sick in the house,” she said, “you’re cleaning it up.”

That night buddy slept as hard and as good as he ever has, without incident. All was right in his world.

Oxford House — Hats off to the Del Norte County Board of Supervisors for voting unanimously last Tuesday to approve a contract with Oxford House Sequoia. Now let’s finish the job.

Supervisor Roger Gitlin is accused by some residents of the house of coercing his way into their home, allegedly flashing a badge or his card and demanding he be let in. The sheriff’s office confirms complaints have been filed against Gitlin and they are conducting a criminal investigation.

Gitlin denies he did anything wrong. He says he simply knocked on the front door of the Oxford House and asked to speak to a supervisor. Gitlin said he was invited in the house.

Board Chairman Chris Howard has promised a full investigation.

In his apology Tuesday to Oxford House residents, Howard said, “Stories that you’ve conveyed to me since that incident occurred, both with the reports that you have filed with the sheriff’s department and the report you have now filed with our board, I’m sure the board will look and seek to take action in the future, but we won’t address it here today.”

On Friday, we asked for copies of the complaints to the sheriff’s office. A spokesperson said the sheriff wasn’t available but complaints under possible criminal investigation aren’t usually released to the public unless the district attorney brings charges.

If the allegations aren’t true, Gitlin is due an apology.

If the allegations are found factual, Gitlin needs to be reminded, either by criminal charge or censure by the board, that he cannot use his elected public trust to abuse or bully or defy a basic constitutional right to privacy.

Here’s hoping this investigation is thorough and quick.

We will keep you posted.

Robin Fornoff is editor of Del Norte Triplicate. Reach im at