After talking with a close friend who works as a firefighter for the state and also on the same day receiving the new backwoods master plan from the Forest Service where they are going to gate 18 roads due to the cedar root rot (which I have in my yard), I had to write another letter to the Triplicate. For more days than I care to count Curry and Del Norte County have been smoked out. I have never seen anything like this in my lifetime. The Biscuit fire was bad but nothing like this.

The Biscuit fire was caused by a lightning strike that was discovered almost immediately. Due to the lack of action and petty bickering between fire agencies it grew into one of Oregon’s largest, most costly and most damaging fires. That was 14 years ago.

The fires burning today were again caused by lighting and again were all discovered immediately, but again the feds chose to monitor them and not even try and put them out. They could have brought in a bomber and hit them hard when they were very small, but the government won’t allow borate to be dropped into a wilderness area. And you can’t have any machinery in there either. It might damage the pristine wilderness. Fish and Game also says it’s bad for the fish, fauna and wildlife.

Now maybe I’m an idiot but here’s a question from a person with nothing more than a high school diploma. Is it as bad as all the fish, fauna and wildlife burning to the ground?

I’m not a conspiracy nut but it sure makes you wonder what’s going on. Is it job security? Is it the money? (There is huge money in fire fighting). Stupidity? Or some master plan?

I can’t figure it out.

Mike Cuthbertson

Crescent City