I would like to commend both Walmart and CVS in Crescent City for locking up hard liquor. At the same time, I wonder why Safeway doesn’t secure its liquor and is subject to shoplifting and having this adult product put in the hands of minors. In my travels about Del Norte County, I see lots of trash, especially liquor bottles littering our community.

On a related note, I continue to ask our elected officials to pass an ordinance like the one practiced in Curry County, Grants Pass and Medford which makes it unlawful for folks handing money through a vehicle window to those who beg while the vehicle is operating. When you give money to those who panhandle, you only make matters worse. If you want to really help those in need, give your hard-earned money to the agencies that provide goods and services to those in need.

Now, if I can only find the low-life who stole my bike several weeks ago, I’d be a happy camper.

Tony Jacomella

Crescent City