After reading the Sept. 23 story about “Dreamers” featuring Alicia De Leon Mendoza, three thoughts came to my mind. One was the title of JFK’s book “Profiles InCourage,”; what a wonderful, brave young lady.

It might behoove us to remember that JFK also wrote a book called, “A Nation of Immigrants.”

The second thought, having read general profiles of who the Dreamers are, was the simple fact that as a whole, they sound like better Americans than some of the U.S. citizens I know.

And the third was that we, as a nation, made promises and guarantees to these people and that if we, as a nation, do not honor these commitments then we, as a nation, will be lesser then we once were.

I realize there are arguments on both sides of the issue regarding the roles of the executive branch and Congress under the Constitution. Nonetheless, if America does not keep its word to the Dreamers we should all hang our heads in shame and the Statue of Liberty should be returned to France as our nation will no longer represent what that icon symbolizes.

John Murphy

Crescent City