Puerto Rico is still struggling with a lack of clean water. The American citizens on this island are in dire need of help. Much like Florida and Texas, they were hit hard by a hurricane. Unlike Florida and Texas, Trump told Puerto Rico it was their fault. I guess next time a hurricane rolls through, the island should move out of the way.

I guess I should not have been surprised by his attitude toward people who speak Spanish, especially by a man who cannot condemn Nazis. When your people are in a disaster, it is common courtesy to offer words of support and not remind them of the debt they have. Once, I saw a child in a kindergarten class fall down. Another child gave a hand and asked if he was OK. If a child can do it, a grown man surely has the capability to do so, too.

By the way, Texas has a $272 billion debt, Florida has a $180 billion, and Puerto Rico has $73 billion debt. Why has Trump not chastised Texas and Florida? Oh yeah; a lot of white men live there. You see pictures of him handing out supplies to the victims in Texas and Florida. He tosses supplies to the victims of Puerto Rico like it’s a game.

Our American brother and sisters are hurting. Dialysis machines don’t work; people will start dying in days. Many roads are impassable. 95 percent of the island has no electricity. And like I said, there is a lack of clean water, a basic necessity.

They need food and water, not a golden golf trophy. They need help rebuilding and not be told that you just spend a $100 million on planes.

They don’t need to be told to “have fun” while they are dying.

Brian Farr

Crescent City