About 20 years ago a high school teacher in San Jose told a number of students some false rumors about other students in class. By the end of the week he was amazed at the reaction. They had lost their joy, had become sullen and grades had fallen off. Some students were seeing a shrink (and) contemplating suicide. By the end of the week his class were behaving like a bunch of walking zombies.

He told them that what he had done was showing them what living in communist country was like. That suspicion and fear and mistrust of everyone, especially government, was rampant.

This is a sample but it starts with political correctness, false charges of racism, sexism, religious prejudice, etc. From there it spreads to numerous other forms like anti-government, disrespect for the flag and patriotism, anti-military, anti-police, etc.

Can you see where America is heading and has been for decades? While many declare communism is dead in Russia it is thriving and growing by the day in America, thanks to people like the Clintons, Obama and the progressive branch of the Democrat Party, not to forget a number or GOP as well.

Thank God for President Trump. How about giving him a chance to turn America around before it is too late?

Jack Miller

Crescent City