On behalf of the Del Norte High School Girls Golf team, I’d like to extend my warmest gratitude to all the wonderful community support the girls golf team received this season.

I would like to thank the Dantzman family for having, in lieu of flowers for Natalie’s grandma, donations made to the golf team. This was a very high honor and we loved seeing Natalie blossom this season playing with her grandma’s clubs.

I would like to thank Tolowa Dee-ni’ Nation for their $500 donation for equipment this year. We were able to purchase five much needed push carts for the travelling team.

I would like to thank the Del Norte Golf Course for letting us take over their practice green, driving range and holes one and nine during our practice times. The Del Norte Womens Golf Club helped at practices with skills and technique with the players.

I would like to especially thank Monica Sperling and Stormi Dunsmore for attending multiple practices to help with the girls. Stormi attended almost every practice and just loved helping the girls and seeing their joys when they finally got the shot they were working on. Thank you Stormi for your dedication and love for the game, you are a great role model for these girls and they loved you to pieces.

I had community members donate a variety of equipment necessities through the season for the team including tees, balls, gloves and golf clubs. Last, but not least, I’d like to thank the parents for giving 10 amazing young ladies the opportunity this season to learn and explore the game of golf. It was a great first season for me and I hope to see all players return next year.

Sara Sampels

DHHS girls golf coach