I am concerned about the care the patients are getting at Sutter Coast Hospital.

My husband was admitted to the hospital Sept. 9. He passed away Sept. 12. He was admitted to the hospital medical unit until he was put in ICU.

During his stay in the medical unit, he was constantly sleeping. I asked the staff if I could talk to his doctor because I
had some questions about his condition. The staff told me he slept so much because he “was very ill’ but they refused to get
a doctor. They said the doctor was too

I said I really need to talk to the doctor. He did not have any IV going so my question is how was he getting fluids. Whenever I was there I would give him water. He was so thirsty. I asked please again to see or talk to the doctor but again was told “doctor is too busy.”

Then Sunday a.m., they rushed him to ICU where he passed away on Sept. 12.

I know this letter will not bring Walt back to us but I am begging you folks, if you have any patient in the hospital, please keep asking if there is a question and don’t give up. Just keep trying to get hold of the doctor.

Linelle Burge