While I have been disinclined to submit any writing to what is left of the Del Norte Triplicate Tuesday’s (Jan. 30) Coastal Voices supposedly penned by Chris Howard begs to be responded to.

I cannot recall any sitting chairman of the board (of supervisors) that has gone to such lengths to publicly castigate and besmirch the character of fellow supervisors who hold opposing views. To blatantly impugn the integrity of fellow board members who were elected by a voting citizenry is also a thumb in the eye of those citizens who elected them.

As if conniving to deprive these two supervisors of committee leadership roles isn’t enough control, Howard goes one step further and publicly decries their actions on board items, ascribing said actions to being purely politically motivated. Of course the actions of the other three members are apolitically motivated. Umm Huhnn.

While Mr. Howard glibly states that Supervisors (Roger) Gitlin and (Bob) Berkowitz concocted a Great Betrayal Plan and said plan has created an atmosphere of distrust between the board and the public, et al, it in actuality demonstrates that these two board members have the integrity to stand in opposition to group pressure. Such is one reason Gitlin was re-elected. He has aptly demonstrated his dedication to principles he stands for and will not be deterred even by a bullying board chair.

As for Howard’s ridiculous demand that the pair apologize to the three opposing supervisors is beyond ludicrous it borders on the fringes of bent reality.

Dale L. Bohling

Crescent City