What a shock. When I looked at the headline on the editorial page of Tuesday’s (Jan. 30) Triplicate I had to do a double take. It read “Gitlin, Berkowitz must be held responsible.” After reading the article, I had to ask myself, responsible for what? They did the responsible thing. They forced the rest of the board (of supervisors) to let all of us were they stand on the issue of letting cannabis in the county.

Yes, those two finally forced the rest of the board to do something that they had failed to do in almost three years. They got the board to vote. For that act, Chris Howard demanded that both Gitlin and Berkowitz owe the rest of the board an apology. I say that Chris Howard owes this community an apology for forcing the community to wait so long for a vote.

Since when did Howard declare himself dictator of Del Norte County? He has no right to demand anything from anyone.

Roger White

Crescent City