About 15 years ago I retired from Red Bluff and moved to Crescent City where I came for vacations during the hot Summer. When I came here the local political problems were the Last Chance Grade, the Sutter Health care, the airport, the local dismal education, teen pregnancies and more bikes are stolen than cars.

The bypass to the LCG would start in 20 years. Now it seems the LCG bypass may start in 2039? The airport has just an expensive terminal slab poured, education is below state average, etc. etc.

But marijuana growth/selling problems may be hashed out in weeks. Now, I look at the TV and see ads where the second hand tobacco smoke is killing your kids, then in a minute, your government is granting access for you to blow skunk stink (so I am told) into your home and children for dangling carrot bribed local tax revenue.

Now, I worked in a hospital laboratory and if I could not complete a task in a day, or sometimes an hour, my job was in jeopardy. Your job security may be similar.

I voted against my last supervisor because nothing was accomplished over the years. Then now it seems, things change but it is still the same.

Someone needs to come forward now in the next election to at least save some of our stolen bicycles.

Floyd A. Burgess

Crescent City