As you all have noticed, specifically if you are a Spectrum (Charter) customer, you no longer have channels 3 and 6. Of course, also channel 5, which was taken off some time back.

If you have not noticed, 3 and 6 were taken down right before the Super Bowl, and the upcoming Olympics. As you know, 3 and 6 are our local broadcast for news out of the Eureka area.

If you have contacted Spectrum, you would have been informed that it was not their fault, it was the other program distributor, not negotiating contracts in good faith. He said, she said. I have spoken personally to the CEO of the program distributor and have no other choice to believe them, that Spectrum is holding the customers hostage till the negotiations are resolved.

During research of this matter, I also found that Spectrum’s CEO received a $98 million dollar bonus. That is from profit margins that you and I have provided to the second largest cable company in the world, Comcast being number one.

Do we have alternatives to receive these programs, and more? Absolutely. Go ahead, buy those extra streaming devices, even Spectrum will provide an app. Go ahead and cut the cable service of Spectrum; stream it all.

I suggest you find all the links to this issue, email all the listed parties associated to Spectrum and explain your dissatisfaction to them. If you choose to be upset with the other program distributor, you can do the same with them. If like our household, we are getting used to the issue, and buying reader glasses, so we can watch that little screen on the smartphone. Hey, the laptop is working out too, and just for an additional $8 a month above our Spectrum bill. Go figure.

Tom Stewart