Today, I would like to talk to you about the benefits of Crescent City’s strong disc golf population. I have been playing disk golf for 12 years and found that where there is a large community of disk golfers, the surrounding area benefits. This sport can be enjoyed year round by anyone because it’s easy to learn and enjoy.

Disc golf courses are popping up all over our nation, making it readily accessible to go out and have some fun. Since moving to Crescent City five years ago, I have enjoyed playing at the Beachfront Park course, which is well designed and incredibly beautiful. Wild Rivers Disc Golf (WRDG) is Crescent City’s local disc golf club and they maintain the course. Find them on Facebook and ask to come watch one of the weekly rounds, or just join and come play.

WRDG is one of the best clubs I have been a part of and are a great resource to be introduced to the sport. They are incredibly conscientious about the community, and clearly have a goal to continue its positive relationship with Crescent City. WRDG tournaments at local courses raise money for projects that often involve different groups and community members.

Disc golf tourism can also be important. While playing at Beach Front, I have met lots of players who have come to Crescent City just to play this course.

Having fun and enjoying the outdoors should be a priority for everyone, and disc golf provides that opportunity. It’s amazing to see how a simple game, can make such a positive impact on the community of Crescent City.

Matthew Tobin

Crescent City