I feel like doing a little math. Huge corporate tax cuts plus deporting millions of tax-paying immigrants equals a massive depletion of funds. Yep, my math checks out.

I have no problem paying my fair share of taxes. After all, they are used to fill potholes, make sure Last Chance Grade is still there, and pays the salaries for teachers, police, firefighters, and the military.

My key point here is fair share. Is 5 percent of my paycheck the same as 5 percent of Microsoft’s? Since it is not, it makes little sense to tax me so much more than them. Sure, my whole paycheck is like a penny to a company like that, but isn’t that the point. They can afford to pay the same percentage that I do.

What about kicking out tax-paying immigrants? They pay taxes that they never see a return of. That should be music to the government’s ears. It’s like Jack making his way home from the beanstalk and saying, “Mom, we’re having goose for dinner.” No, you let that goose lay all the golden eggs it can until it passes away from old age. Let the immigrants stay and figure out a way to give them citizenship.

Staying in character as a businessman who went bankrupt some six times, Trump gets rid of his revenue and wants to spend millions of dollars on a military parade. His financial know-how is in rare form.

By the way, there is a reason dictators have military parades. They are insecure and must have a show of power in order to keep their subjects afraid. Since America has the greatest most powerful army in the world, we are secure in ourselves that we do not have a need for such show of force. Well, most of us are secure.

Brian Farr

Crescent City