By their irresponsible, short-sighted action in refusing to extend the temporary moratorium on local cannabis sales and commercial growing, Supervisors Bob Berkowitz and Roger Gitlin have demonstrated how little they care for the well-being of Del Norte County.

Berkowitz and Gitlin show contempt for the many stakeholders who have been working hard to produce a well thought out plan for Del Norte’s future cannabis regulations. The extension of the temporary moratorium would have given this group the opportunity to finalize their deliberations and recommendations.

These two supervisors have recklessly created a situation in which potential retailers and cannabis farmers can now obtain permits from the state and set up operations here free from any county oversight or taxation, resulting in the loss of much needed revenue and control.

Although both Berkowitz and Gitlin claim to be in favor of a permanent ban on commercial cannabis sales and farming in the county, they have deliberately and hypocritically killed the temporary ban in order to create a political football to perpetuate their grudge against our three moderate supervisors (Chris Howard, Gerry Hemmingsen and Lori Cowan) who have taken a sober and cautious approach to the issue in order to come up with a reasonable and workable ordinance that will benefit our community.

With their foolish political machinations, Berkowitz and Gitlin have done irreparable harm to the county.

Beverly Brand

Crescent City