Before too much time passes and I forget all together, I wanted to extend a sincere appreciation to the Del Norte County Search and Rescue staff who helped make my trip to Point St. George Lighthouse a great experience.

As I watched them help people on and off the helicopter, I was just so impressed in their grace in doing so. Thank you.

And sincerest appreciation to the Lighthouse Preservation Society for what you’ve been doing over the years to help preserve this extraordinary structure out in the middle of the ocean. I know there have been some huge hurdles in the past years in scheduling tours and work days but thank you so much for continuing the effort.

And a very late thank you to The Grange people that put on the Christmas Light Show at the fairgrounds. I’ve been to several drive through light displays and for our little community, you guys put on an awesome display. Thank you so much for your effort.

Ernie C. Reyes

Crescent City