I was very surprised to see a recent letter not supporting Gerry Hemmingsen for re-election to the Del Norte County Board of Supervisors. To replace him at this time would be a disaster to our community.

Unlike others who talk a lot but don’t do much, Gerry has always been quiet and let his hard work speak for him. That’s been true in business and also the way he has handled the job on the board.

Thanks in large part to Gerry’s hard work behind the scenes, we have a new airport terminal under construction, we have improved medical services in Del Norte County and, most importantly, we have a realistic plan for getting Last Chance Grade fixed, not some wild pie-in-the-sky plan that seems sillier by the minute.

I urge all voters to join me in supporting Hemmingsen for supervisor. Let’s keep this county moving the right way.

Thomas D. Kinney

Crescent City