Our appreciation of Chris Howard’s decision making and leadership is one reason why we support his bid for re-election. His work to improve public safety by ensuring additional law enforcement officers and the progress made for a long-term solution to the Last Chance Grade are just a couple examples of his ability to follow through with the tough issues presented to our board of supervisors on a regular basis.

However, while those issues are serious and quite visible to all who live in this county, it is what we have seen in the background that makes us support Howard wholeheartedly for another term on the board of supervisors.

His involvement and experience in the agricultural industry is stand alone in this group of candidates and while our personal relationship with Howard is minimal, we share a lot of the same friends and know his older son quite well. Chris’ reasons for running for this office are many but this man has a young family and a heart for other young families in this community. He wants his children and ours to be able to live and learn and work in this beautiful place we all call home. That commitment benefits us all.

Aadam and Tamara Trask

Crescent City