In regards to the May 5 article “Couples wants apology from rangers”; I have known Terry and Fran McNamara for 26 of my 28 years of living here in Del Norte County. The treatment they received from park rangers is truly appalling.

I remember similar treatment from park rangers at Jed Smith about five years ago. As parents of special needs high school students, we were invited by school teachers and staff to a potluck with our children at their campsite in the park.

We stopped near the campsite to offload food. We were descended upon by five or six park rangers who were yelling at parents to stop blocking the roadway. We took only a minute or so to unload the food.

Parents who were early enough to park next to the campsite were told by park rangers that they had to move their cars because they were parked on plants. I only observed weeds not plants. Did I mention it was raining and the closest parking lot was a half mile away.

Due to the rangers’ adversarial approach, looking for a fight, it ruined what should have been an enjoyable experience. I remember when we used to be able to have a bonfire on the beach or watch the sunset over the ocean from the overlook on Sand Mine Road. It is now a felony to do either one.

I remember when we could drive on South Beach and Kellogg Beach, not anymore. All these activities are now against the law. Why? Because they have become park-lands where freedom to enjoy the nature we live in is now forbidden.

If you want policies to change write your state and federal representatives and demand change. Good luck getting people to visit when locals are treated like criminals.

William J. Kinsey

Crescent City