In response to the letter April 21 “It’s Time to Replace Hemmingsen,” it’s apparent the author did not even take the time to attend the candidates event April 9 to actually hear Gerry Hemmingsen’s response, or he was taking someone else ’s word for what occurred at this event, when he indicated Hemmingson said he had done nothing during his tenure as supervisor.

What Hemmingsen actually stated at the meeting was something to the effect of, I have accomplished nothing entirely on my own but with the help of many others. He said no one accomplishes these tasks on their own, but I have been part of a team that has accomplished much. The letter was clearly trying to take the comment out of context and deceive the reader.

Since elected, Hemmingsen has supported the local doctor recruitment and retention programs. Since that time, we have seen the addition of our urgent care facility, The Wellness Center, an new infusion center and, a soon to be open, dialysis center.

Relative to Last Chance Grade, Hemmingsen has made this issue a priority. Hemmingsen is on the local transportation commission, he is a member of the Last Chance Grade stakeholders group and he attends the District 1 North district external advisory liaison meetings, to ensure he is current all of the issues involving local transportation and our voice is heard.

Hemmingsen has been a strong supporter of local law enforcement, including working with the sheriff and the Yurok Tribe to cross deputize officers, as well as recent efforts to create a memorandum of understanding with the Tolowa Dee-ni’ nation for a shared enforcement officer. He is also currently serving on multiple committees, councils, commissions, etc. involving rural and coastal issues, and shown himself to be a proponent of access to public lands and early childhood education.

Marcy Bradbury

Crescent City