After seven loyal years, I have canceled my subscription to the Triplicate. According to the 2016 election records for 2016, 35 percent of the voters in Del Norte voted 36 percent Democrat and 53 percent Republican. That’s an overwhelming win for the Republican voters.

In spite of the political affiliation in this county, the Triplicate has continued to print stories, letters, and columns with a decidedly leftist bent. Not only are these stories incendiary in nature, they are also extremely divisive in this polarizing time.

The Republicans in California get absolutely zero voice in the government, and it seems that’s true for the Triplicate as well. This is our community, too. We just want equal representation.

How about this revolutionary idea: drop your political agenda and just report the actual news. That is the purpose of a newspaper and its writers. It’s called journalism. We do not want opinion pieces for either party. Just the news.

Janis Dunavant

Crescent City