In regards to the article titled “Inmate Expression.”

It was tremendously inappropriate for this article to appear on the anniversary of the horrific incident that happened where our officers were injured while trying to protect each other as well as other inmates (believe it or not.)

I do not want a copy and pasted response, but I am extremely disgruntled by the whole thing, these inmates don’t deserve an article in the first place. They don’t deserve to “express” themselves, they are in prison for horrible horrible things such as drugs, gang violence, and murder. Our officers put their lives on the line every day to protect the inmates from killing each other, but more importantly, they protect our children, mothers and wives, husbands and fathers.

I along with everyone else who has responded to this article demand a public apology, especially to the families of the officers who were injured in the incident. The physical and emotional trauma they experienced will last a long time, they deserve an apology for this article.

I can’t believe the amount of ignorance and mental incapacity there must be at this establishment for the date of the riot to be overlooked, especially since this is such a small town for an incident so significant. I guess I shouldn’t expect much for such small town and smaller minded people.

I’ll be looking forward to seeing an apology to all the officers and their families in the (very) near future.

Unless you people lack empathy and compassion as well as brains.

Lisa Shae

Crescent City