Dave Mason stated in the Triplicate, in a huge full page ad May 17 that he is not beholden to anyone, that he was not recruited to run. Yet here he is, using the same tactic (Bob) Berkowitz used two years ago, pretending to be a Democrat, in a mailing targeted only at Democrats, calling itself the Democratic Voter Guide.

Berkowitz was the first to use this tactic. The Triplicate called Berkowitz on it back then, but it was again too close to the election to undo the damage.

This is like the ads that come to seniors, pretending to be Medicare by using a similar format, with the legally required boxed disclaimer. The flyer is not from the local or state Democratic Party, and gets away with this by the usual boxed disclaimer in fine print.

Mason will claim his statement with his name states he is a Republican. This is in the same category as the boxed disclaimer, and nearly as small. The boxed disclaimer states that only names with an asterisk actually authorized and paid for the flyer.

So he puts a disclaimer in the fine print under his name, denying the lie while paying for that lie. The Republicans know who he is, but this was not sent to Republicans.

I’ve taken note of the candidates using this kind of misleading approach, the ones with the asterisks by their names. I wouldn’t vote for any one of them, regardless of party. They obviously don’t operate under the rules of fair play, and they don’t belong in office using their own rules of whatever works.

Gerry Hemmingsen is the incumbent for this supervisor race. His absence from this kind of trash mailing speaks well for him, and poorly for his opponent.

Helen DuVernay

Crescent City