Regarding the Del Norte County Unified School District’s attempt to save money, Assistant Superintendent Steve Godla was quoted as saying “The most frequent things we heard from all the focus groups is they wanted an increase in social-emotional support, or counseling,” yet in the same article it was reported the number of new counselors called for by the Local Control Accountability Plan was reduced from two to one at the elementary school level.

The district clearly acknowledged the desire, not to mention the need, for counseling services, yet with disregard to that request, revised the plan to reduce the amount of counselors available.

This is not to suggest that school maintenance is not important, however, is it more important than the emotional wellbeing of our students and, in turn, our families and our community?

Given the current culture of our society, it appears that the school district is taking a risk that could have severe and irrevocable impact if students with emotional and behavioral issues are not being identified and treated in a timely and appropriate manner.

Kendra Scanlon

Crescent City