I would like to offer my opinion of the current controversy regarding an effort by local resident Jesse Davis to recall Supervisors Bob Berkowitz and Roger Gitlin.

I find his views on politics, particularly local politics, as dismissing the recent history of this activity and a look at the future in a rather overly optimistic fashion. As the initiator of the recall, and self described advocate, he then has faded into the background with an explanation that elections are the essence of good government and more frequent elections are a way to better government. He goes on to say that he has no stake in this one that he, himself has initiated, but it should be a reminder to all elected officials that their time in office can be truncated at any time after their first 90 days in office for literally no reason whatsoever.

While I recognize the need to be able to recall truly awful office holders before they do great damage to the lives of people they represent, I do not think that the recall provision was meant to be used in the manner that Davis has elected to use it. It seems to me, at least, that indiscriminate use of recall for what appears to be the thrill of yet another election process is an abuse in its own right of the election process.

Samuel Strait

Crescent City