We need to examine what’s behind the recent recall efforts against Heidi Kime and Lori Cowan. The retaliatory action (can we say retribution?) towards both women is telling. These two should be complimented for jobs well done. The Roger Gitlin/Bob Berkowitz “clan” in an attempt to protect their own, are attempting to recall two very good elected officials.

Berkowitz and Gitlin work together to disrupt, threaten and bully. Their narrow minded, extremist views have no place in this community and have been and continue to be more hindrance than help. Kime and Cowan are the exact opposite.

Individuals, organizations, businesses and elected officials who have been bullied, threatened and intimidated by Gitlin should collectively file a class action lawsuit against him. They should both be removed from their positions on the board of supervisors.

Unfortunately the current board of supervisors as well as the previous board, were well aware of complaints by community members against these two and failed to act. Three cases in point, well covered by local news organizations; the grand jury report of 2014-2015 which investigated Gitlin. He was found guilty of multiple infractions unbecoming to an elected official. He was consequently removed from the solid waste board. Berkowitz took out a full page ad attacking that grand jury, without cause or evidence to support his claims.

Second: Gitlin, in writing, threatened a fellow elected official who served on a board with him and was chastised (documented).

Third: Gitlin’s continued threats against local businesses and individuals managing those businesses (documented).

Do your homework, there is a lot of factual information on these two if you choose to look for it.

MaryAnn Baker

Crescent City