The case for recalling Gitlin and Berkowitz is the banner caption that promises to lay out the case against Supervisors (Roger) Gitlin and (Bob) Berkowitz in Tuesday’s Coastal Voices authored by Jesse Davis. It is a promise never delivered but rather talked all round — about giving the reader a primer lesson what recall election efforts are all about and a poli sci 101 lecture in basic political ideologies.

As Davis sees it, one of the functions of the board of supervisors is (or should be) to blend the voices of many into a unified motion of progress. What does that gobbledygook mean? Using the verbiage presented one can readily understand that the use of the word “progress” easily fits the political description of progressivism... an avante garde politically-tweaked ideology that reeks of cerebral decay.

Why not be straightforward in what one wishes to present to the undecided and/or uninformed voter on what issues are involved and let people make up their own minds? The notion that all supervisors are expected to walk in lockstep blending their voices like the chorus of a Greek play is absurd. I’m certain that Gitlin and Berkowitz were elected on their ability to think independently and when confronted with a tour-de-force by the majority of supervisors they will stay their ground.

The idea of spending taxpayer money in such a frivolous manner is an extravagance Del Norte County cannot afford. An election was held and the majority of voters held sway. Swallow your sour grapes Davis and find something better to do with your time.

Dale L. Bohling

Crescent City