By Teresa C. Frary

Lori Cowan, Wes White and Sarah Caron are all to be commended for their wonderful ideas regarding Crescent City’s future especially Cowan’s idea to use the now vacant Englund Marine building as a visitor center hub.

What I’m a little fuzzy on is why we are choosing to hire a public relations firm from Bend, Oregon to rebrand and otherwise help promote the virtues of Crescent City when there is such a wealth of internet, radio/television and graphics know-how right here, right now within Crescent City that it seems at cross-purposes to go outside — especially way outside to Bend for their advice. Why are we doing this?

Oregon is Crescent City’s commercial nemesis and chief competitor and right now Brookings is winning. Most of my friends fill-up their gas tanks and their spare red cans at Fred Meyer before doing their weekly grocery shopping and pet food errands there.

And have you noticed how many Pelican Bay employees actually live in Brookings? Why? Because Brookings is doing more to capture quality of life than we are even though we actually live in a more beautiful place than Brookings. Let’s get smart. Let’s get the best from our colleagues and our citizenry.

So, where are our local media experts? Check with the English and Communications instructors at CR, especially Ruth Rhodes who is completely adroit at blending technical visuals with her seemingly impromptu verbal presentations. Talk about prepared!

Also check with our churches, especially the ones like Foursquare and Fort Dick Bible who maintain a staff of audio/visual (internet) experts. Many of these church personnel work secularly as media consultants and website publishers. Also, in terms of hard copy advertising, that fine family who owns the Mail Room is just ready as can be to help Crescent City out with design and production, no? And, of course, Dezign Banners is really quite effective.

So, what is all this rebranding talk? What exactly can Vertigo Advertising in Bend do for us that we can’t do for ourselves?

Moreover, do the folks at the Chamber of Commerce realize the wealth of media and advertising knowledge Bob Berkowitz has brought up here from the Bay Area to Crescent City? I realize it’s been a while, but I’m sure Berkowitz still maintains a few salient phone numbers on his Rolodex.

What we need is something like a CalPERS retirement luncheon or a LA Unified School District retirement orientation luncheon, for instance, in Studio City to be delivered by someone as polished as Rhodes, who would actually show the retiring folks down in Southern California why they would do well to live here and not Oregon.

Teresa C. Frary is a retired English instructor and lives in Crescent City.