The Del Norte county planning commission voted 3-2 to deny county counsel’s request to approve the commercial cannabis retail and manufacturing ordinance. Commissioner Adam Trask, who voted to deny, stated that the commission had too little information or time to render a fully informed opinion. Why is this the case after 20 working group meetings totaling over 40 hours of continuous discussion?

The commission has stated publicly a desire to be more directly involved in the policy process in order to be the fully informed body our community deserves. Please help us to support them in their good intentions by attending the Board of Supervisors meeting today (Sept. 11), 10 a.m., 981 H St., Crescent City.

Please voice your support for the working group and the inclusion of the planning commission in this momentous effort. We will be asking the board to place responsibility upon our planning commission to rise to the occasion of understanding one of the most complicated additions to our county code and how exactly it integrates with the county general plan. This is the statutorily defined purpose of the commission.

The county must grant them the power to participate, as the commissioners see fit, in order for them to bear the responsibility placed upon them. Your presence alone makes a huge impact on everything, we will never give up, please stand with us.

Jesse Davis, executive director

Del Norte Growers Association