This is in reference to Gail Tucker’s letter, “Why Not Print Something Encouraging about Trump.” Every time I open a Triplicate, I know what kind of political-cartoon to expect. Week after week, the Triplicate publishes some of the most low-brow cartoons that depict this president in the most humiliating situations and characters it can find in the fetid swamp of political commentary.

It’s a real paradox that the Triplicate does not accept any letters that “might be deemed libelous” regarding “personal attacks on private citizens,” and yet, does not reserve the same consideration for this president.

But to Gail’s main point, there is so much low-hanging fruit pertaining to Trump’s real accomplishments that remain unpicked, that should be celebrated and reported by every paper in this country.

He slashed 800 Obama-era regulations that were strangling businesses.

Currently black, Hispanic, and youth employment is at record highs.

U.S. oil production hits 10 million a day — first time since 1970.

Manufacturing has increased to its highest level since 2004.

GDP growth continues to rise, nearing now 4 percent.

Obama was the first president in history never to achieve a 3 percent GDP. His average yearly rate? A dismal 1.07 percent. He told union workers that some jobs just “weren’t coming back.” He mocked Trump for stating that he would bring American manufacturing jobs back, saying, “What exactly are you going to do...He just says, ‘Well, I’m going to negotiate a better deal.’ exactly are you going to negotiate that? What magic wand do you have?”

Now, the same guy who whined for eight years why it was Bush’s fault things were so bad, is now touting why he should be getting the credit for Trump’s economy.

Now that’s something to really make fun of.

Clark Wade

Crescent City