True North Organizing Network is holding a public forum on ending homelessness in our community, Oct. 10 at Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church.

Why? Because homelessness affects our entire community.

While some numbers are in dispute, we have as many as 500 homeless adults in our community. What’s not in dispute is that we have (at least) 156 homeless students in the Del Norte School District.

How many of our friends, family, neighbors or even ourselves are only a few paychecks or a serious illness away from finding ourselves in the same condition?

Homelessness is already costing our community a lot of money. It degrades the human dignity and endangers the lives of the people who are without shelter as it negatively affects business, tourism and our quality of life.

We need real answers to this crisis.

Our local Homelessness Organizing Committee has successfully worked with the Del Norte County Board of Supervisors and Crescent City Council to pass resolutions making ending homelessness in our community a priority. These resolutions call for a solutions oriented community-wide effort that respects the human dignity of our brothers, sisters and children without housing.

We believe (and evidence shows) communities that are successful in addressing homelessness do so by coming together to work productively on developing sustainable solutions.

We’re inviting you and our entire community to be part of this effort.

What: Public Forum: Ending Homelessness in Our Community.

When: October 10. 2018 (6 p.m.-8p.m.).

Where: Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church, 220 East Macken Ave., Crescent City.

Why: Because to address something as bold as ending homelessness in this community everyone needs to be involved.

Michael Thornton

True North Organizing Network