In 2017 my husband and I decided to buy a home in this beautiful area. I fell in love with the coastline as well as the redwoods and cool weather. This would be the perfect place to spend the rest of our retirement.

I still love everything about Crescent City, with one exception. The problems with buying a home here are unbelievable.

In September 2017, we went into escrow for the first house we tried to buy. One of the sellers did things that made it impossible for escrow to close. We waited until January 2018, and gave up on that home.

The purchase of the second home turned into a complete nightmare. After searching every day for a month we found what we wanted. Escrow closed with what we thought was no problem in March 2017. Then in May, we received a letter from the Del Norte County Assessor. The title our seller and her deceased husband had recorded did not give the widow the power to sign full ownership to over to us. The assessor stated that we only had 50 percent ownership and the beneficiaries of the deceased owner owned percent.

I immediately called the local title/escrow company and was told it was a simple matter and they would fix it. I checked back about a month later, and the escrow officer told me in a very rude manner she had…”told me I would fix it.” This went on for months with no resolution.

I called an attorney and he hasn’t been able to get the title company to fix this “simple” problem either.

It is now October, my husband has since passed away, and I am still trying to get this fixed.

We must not be the only buyers who have problems in Del Norte County.

Christine Mitchell

Crescent City