A big shout out to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and Biologist Frank Kemp for bringing back the junior hunter pheasant hunt that took place on Sept. 29.

Thank you to Brian and Helen Ferguson for spearheading and organizing the volunteers, which ultimately allowed a safe, fun and rewarding experience. The hunter safety techniques combined with hunter ethics will undoubtedly stay with the young participates for life.

Our particular hunting party was fortunate enough to have Jim McLaughlin, an original homesteader, and pioneer of the area. This was truly an honor. McLaughlin shared his personal experiences and insights in what it was like growing up on this remarkable 900-acre plot of land we now call the Lake Earl Wildlife Area. He was very detail oriented as he proceeded to explain how the area once was compared to the present day.

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity and hope to see you all again next year.

Shawn Fernandes

Crescent City