I would like to make a correction on Rick Shepherd’s response as a candidate for harbor district commissioner.

The harbor district did not purchase our RV park you are referring to. We built the park in 1977, all with personal funds. There were sand dunes where the park is now. It has been family-owned and operated since that time.

On May 31, 2017, the Crescent City Harbor District took over the park. There was no payment of any kind. They refused to renew our lease, 12 years before they let it run out.

The recent history of the district is not improving the unimproved areas of the harbor, but instead taking over their tenants’ existing businesses. I understand they did purchase the Englund Marine Building.

The Captains Table restaurant on Marine Way was the beginning. Then, the original Grotto located at the corner of Citizens Dock Road and Marine Way. There are numerous other businesses they have taken over.

Is it the district’s duty to manage land or to actually run the businesses themselves?

Rachel Towe

Crescent City